Auntie Allison
Auntie Allison
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless we are talking about the masks made by Auntie Allison that have been sent all over the country! We’ve even seen some appear in articles!

“I’m an introverted Midwesterner who came to Las Vegas for grad school and stayed for the desert.

I’m a creative person. My mother and sister sewed, but I rejected it because I wanted to do my own thing. Now that I’m older I can appreciate the work my mom put into sewing my clothes, and I’m loving this new creative-but-functional hobby.

My typical sewing sessions are after work. I may sew until 2:00 am after my Friday shift!

When I’m not an Auntie I’m relaxing with my family in Las Vegas. Usually this means I’m teaching myself some new skill- like sewing.

I’m a lifelong volunteer, but this is my first foray into volunteering in my adopted city of Las Vegas. I’m glad this is the group that got me back into giving. I’m proud to be affiliated with such a generous and kind network of women!

When I look back at my time with this group one day, I’ll most remember the sense of value I got from making something useful for others. I enjoy giving my time and energy to make this world safer and happier.

The Aunties Sewing Squad has become my favorite amongst all of the groups I belong to. This group is super organized and dedicated to their mission of providing masks free of charge to those who need them across the country. This is true, selfless giving, and being associated with the aunties and uncles has lifted my spirit and given a new purpose to my day to day living. Thanks, ASS, for your love, generosity, and humor!”