Meet Auntie Jennifer in Florida who made these masks for other Aunties featuring our logo! Now the Aunties are losing their crap trying to get their hands on one!
Read more about Auntie Jennifer’s sewing story:
“I learned to sew from my grandmother. She worked in a sewing factory and she knew I was trying to save for college. I started working with Agra Fab. We sewed for farmers, huge covers for harvests and field worker’s. I went to college, worked for sewing studios to pay my own way. I was then scouted by Cirque Dusoleil. I’ve since worked with Cirque Dusoleil full time, and Disney world in audio Animatronics costume construction, and Universal studios as a special events costume Seamstress.
I think it’s because I have always sewn, every day, that being laid off in March was hard. I started sewing masks for my Cirque Dusoleil family. These kids from around the world who were trapped in quarantine and did not have anyone else to help them. After that. I just kept going. 100’s of masks a day.
My friend asked me to find a F.B. group so I wouldn’t be alone in my endless quest to make masks. I found the ASS group. It was the 1st name that appeared in my search. Joined. The rest is history.
I love young sewers and enjoy helping them because the next generation of Seamstresses.
I’m grateful for the ASS. They have helped me keep sewing, and not lose hope. I’m most proud of the masks for the Navajo Nation and Chacktaw in Mississippi. Also super blessed to have made masks for the laundry workers. I know people oftentimes ignore the textile industry. No one is more knowledgeable about that than the Seamstresses.
I started working as a professional Seamstress in 1998… I have no idea what life is like without my sewing machine. Lol.”